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🇺🇸 January 31, 1968 was the deadliest day for US forces in Vietnam. 246 Americans were killed or missing in the vicious fighting of the Tet Offensive. #history #onthisday #vietnamwar

🇺🇸 University of Oklahoma and Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Bob Kalsu. One of two NFL players to be killed in action during the Vietnam War. Kalsu and Cleveland Browns player Bob Steinbrunner were both deployed to Vietnam to satisfy ROTC commitments. #history #nfl #sooners #bills #browns #vietnamwar

🇺🇸 Members of Det “A”, 5th Special Forces Group, located north of Saigon in War Zone D, are served their Thanksgiving Day dinner a little in advance of “Turkey-Day”. With two regiments of North Vietnamese Regulars in the vicinity, it is unlikely the men will have a quiet Thanksgiving Day. Prepared at a distant base, the complete hot meal was flown in by helicopter during a lull in the fighting. [] #history #thanksgiving #vietnamwar

🇺🇸 Vietnam War Zippo lighter. 💀 [via r/artefactporn] #history #zippo #skull #vietnamwar #usa

USMC Chief Warrant Officer John Frederick Jr. A Marines Corps veteran of three wars, Frederick Jr. died while in North Vietnamese captivity in 1972.

During World War II, Frederick Jr. served as a tail gunner for TBF and TBM carrier bombers in the Pacific Theater. Once World War II ended, he remained in Asia and participated in missions in China during their communist takeover. During the Korean War, Frederick Jr. spent the first year of the war as an Airborne Intercept Operator. After the war, he was stationed in Cherry Point, North Carolina., then Patuxent River, Maryland as part of a Marine detachment working on the F4H-1 Phantom II project. He finally returned to Cherry Point, North Carolina until the outbreak of the Vietnam War.

On December 1, 1965, Frederick Jr. deployed to Vietnam. On December 7, 1965, his plane was shot down on his return to Da Nang Air Base following a night-time escort mission. Frederick Jr. survived the plane crash, but he sustained multiple injuries and was taken as a prisoner of war. His time as a prisoner of war came to symbolize his dedication to the United States. He refused to give in to his captors’ threats or coercions despite the consequences he faced.

In 1972, Frederick Jr. contracted Japanese meningitis B and fell into a coma. His captors transported him to a Hanoi Hospital but Frederick Jr. likely died on the way. His body was returned home on March 13, 1974. [Source: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund] #history #usmc #marines #pow #ww2 #vietnamwar #koreanwar

🇻🇳 A Viet Cong fighter photographed during the intense gunbattle for the Special Forces Camp on June 10, 1965 at the Battle of Dong Xoai. [AP Photo/Horst Faas] #history #vietnamwar

🇺🇸 Troops of the 1st Air Cav, ambushed at Landing Zone Albany on Nov. 17, 1965, lie in a field illuminated by flares from aircraft. Battle of the Ia Drang Valley. [AP Photo/Rick Merron] #history #vietnamwar #war #nam #vietnam #usarmy #army

🇺🇸 US Marine with M2
.50 cal with IR scope. Khe Sanh, 1968. [via r/militaryporn] #history #usmc #guns #gun #marines #usa #nam #vietnamwar

🇺🇸 Marine Lance Corporal Bill Lyons, 19, of Springfield, Ohio, “B” Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, on the alert during sweep mission in Elephant Valley, in search of rocket sites. July 23, 1968. [The National Archives / ID 26386339 / Public Domain] #usa #marines #usmc #nam #vietnamwar #history #war #1968

🇺🇸 Wieland Norris of Rolling Hills, California, who fell in 1970. Today would have been his birthday. He is the younger brother of legendary actor Chuck Norris. [Source: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund] #usa #army #america #nam #vietnamwar #1970 #chucknorris #history #war