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#OnThisDay: January 13, 1945, a Big Red One Soldier in a protective snow suit from the 16th Infantry Regiment, advances toward enemy positions in the Butgenback sector of Belgium.

(Photo provided by: First Division Museum at Cantigny)

#onthisday in 1170 the Archbishop of Canterbury, Saint Thomas Becket, is murdered by followers of King Henry II of England in Canterbury Cathedral. He was canonized Pope Alexander III soon after his death.

#onthisday in 1533 Queen consort Anne Boleyn gives birth to Elizabeth I. Although her father, King Henry VIII, had wanted a son, Elizabeth would go on to become one of the most effective rulers in English history.

#onthisday in 1944 Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg is executed by the Nazis for his involvement in the “July 20 Plot” to assassinate Adolf Hitler and seize control of the German government. Stauffenberg’s last words in the face of the firing squad were “Long live free Germany!”

#onthisday in 1947 the iconic AK-47 assault rifle first went into production in the Soviet Union.

🇺🇸Hell’s Angels, the 3rd Squadron of the 1st American Volunteer Group “Flying Tigers” over China. May 28, 1942. #onthisday in 1941 the Flying Tigers were officially formed. [Photo by Flying Tigers pilot RT Smith / San Diego Air & Space Museum Archive / Catalog #1606]

#onthisday in 1942 a US Navy PBM Mariner aircraft sank German submarine U-158 70 kilometers west of Bermuda, killing all 54 aboard.

#onthisday in 1942 the Germans launch Fall Blau (Case Blue) the strategic offensive in southern Russia which would end in disaster at Stalingrad. Pictured are men and armor of the 5th SS Panzer Division ‘Wiking.” Wiling was tasked with capturing Grozny with the 13th Panzer Division. They did not achieve their objective. [Bundesarchiv, Bild 101III-Altstadt-055-12 / Altstadt / CC-BY-SA 3.0]

#onthisday in 1944 The Red Army captures Vitebsk as part of Operation Bagration. The German LIII corps is destroyed in the process losing nearly 30,000 men killed or captured. Photo: Soldiers of the 158th Rifle Division’s 881st Rifle Regiment fighting in the area of the Vitebsk railway station, June, 1944. [Official Soviet photograph / Wikipedia]

#OnThisDay: Under the command of Maj. Gen. Thomas Rhame, the #BigRedOne deployed more than 12,000 troops to support Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.

On Feb. 24, 1991, the division spearheaded the attack that pierced Iraqi defenses, allowing Coalition forces to cut deep into the country and cut off the escape of the fleeing Iraqi army. #DutyFirst #1stIDhistory [1st Infantry Division on Facebook]