[Photo & Caption from Stalingrad Battle Da…

[Photo & Caption from Stalingrad Battle Data on Facebook]

October 15, 1942

German progression through the Tractor Plant continues all night and morning, impeded by rearguard actions from separate groups of 37th Division guardsmen inside the factory halls. By the afternoon, Soviet defenses in and around the complex are crushed altogether and the Volga is reached along the whole sector. With the entire complex occupied, German troops now turn towards the Barricades Factory, directly threatening Chuikov’s command post defended by an emergency force including all HQ guard.

Other sectors: North of the Mechetka River 16th Panzer, 94th and 389th Infantry Divisions join for a combined attack against Group Gorokhov north of the factory. German troops reach the landing stage at the Mechetka river’s mouth, cuting off 124th and 149th brigades from the bulk of 62nd Army.