🇯🇵 Nobuo Fujita, Imperial Japanese Navy pilo…

🇯🇵 Nobuo Fujita, Imperial Japanese Navy pilot, who was responsible for the only known aerial bombardments of the continental United States during World War Two. Fujita dropped incendiary bombs on Brookings, Oregon from his submarine launched E14Y seaplane in 1942.

After the war Fujita returned to Brookings four times in 1962, 1990, 1992 & 1995. On his first return he gifted his families 400 year old sword to the town as a gesture of reconciliation. He became an honorary citizen of Brookings in 1997, shortly before he passed away. Some of his ashes were eventually interred at the Brookings bombing site by his daughter in 1998. #history #ww2 #japan #oregon #usa #wwii