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Map of North America in a Fantasy Style

Last year I started making imitation fantasy style maps, inspired by classic examples such as The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. You can see my earlier blog post about inspirations over here. It turns out making these is pretty fun and somewhat therapeutic, so I kept on making them in the same style.

Since then I’ve finished a few more maps, including New England, Europe and the United Kingdom and Ireland. Most recently I finished up a version of the North American continent and figured this would be a good time to go through the making of guide again. 

Tumblr has been awesome in the support for these maps so I’m just going to keep posting them until you all get tired of them!

Read the full making off guide here (via Medium)


As in all my previous maps, the full version is free to download from my Google Drive account. I’ve also included a version with no labels, for those who prefer a blank look or want to use it for their tabletop or D&D games!


A few people have asked about buying prints online. There’s no need to do this as you can download a copy via the link above and print it out yourself or using your favourite printing service.

If you however want a slightly more convenient option, you can buy a print via my Redbubble store online (with the added bonus of directly supporting me!)

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