is anyone related to the p-40 involved with th…

is anyone related to the p-40 involved with the p-38 or vice versa? i know they're from different makers but the P-38 looks like a twin engine version of the P-40 and often has similar paint schemes

Not to my knowledge.  Although the original designs were pretty close to each other, the P-40 morphed from the previous P-36, whereas the P-38 was based on Proposal X-608, which called for designs for a high altitude, twin engine interceptor.  The early P-38s were sleek, and the turbo-supercharger cooling systems starting the ‘J’ variant, finally caused the significant change in appearance.  

Could there have been people involved with each aircraft design?  Sure.  But to my knowledge, the principal designers were not working between aircraft designs.  

The pilots featured in the photo above are second leading ace, Thomas McGuire (KIA Jan. 7, 1945) and Charles Lindbergh (played an important part in engine efficiency and range extension initiatives in the PTO).