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13 of May, 2016, Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) guerrillas shoot down a Turkish AH-1W Cobra attack helicopter with a russian-made 9K38 Igla missile. 

13 de Mayo del 2016, Guerrillas del Partido de los Trabajadores de Kurdistán (PKK) derriban un helicóptero de ataque turco AH-1W Cobra con un misil ruso 9K38 Igla.

Ah, I can’t think of a worse way for a helicopter to go.

IIRC the man speaking was listing names. Speculations ran whether it was the names of people he knew that have died or not, last time I saw this video.

Grim and morbid fact that might or might not be true.

First thing they’re doing is counting up, from one to 16, then saying they hit the Cobra, after that the guy is being praised for hitting it. (Hoshe is something like beautiful).

t. speaker of a little bit of Kurmanji

Ah, the truth is far simpler then!