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A Bren gun position in the North African desert. [Life Magazine / Original Color]

Hermann Göring surrendering to the 36th Infantry Division. His sidearm is on display at the museum at the West Point military academy. [Source: r/WWIIPics on Reddit]

Map of the Berlin campaign.

Happy Elbe Day to all the Allied nations! 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇷🇺 #75years #victory


Indian soldiers holding a Nazi flag which they had captured at Libyan Omar, December 1941

Three recipients of the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross. (L to R): Günther Halm, 21st Panzer Division, youngest member of the Afrika Korps to receive the Knight’s Cross; Hugo Broch, Luftwaffe Ace with 81 victories and 324 missions on the East Front; Ludwig Bauer, Panzer Ace of the 9th Panzer Division who fought on both the East and West Front. Halm passed away in 2017, Broch and Bauer are apparently still alive. [reddit]